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Top 5 Bachata Dance Videos

Yes we know. Our name is Salsa Classes Medellin. And yet, we also love to dance bachata! Time for a name change to Bachata Classes Medellin?…nahh!  As Juliet once said (well, Shakespeare really), whats in a name anyway? The truth is we love all latin dance, and bachata is very much included!  Dancing bachata in Medellin […]

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Top 5 Salsa Dance Videos

Dancing salsa rocks. Obviously. Thats why we at Salsa Classes Medellin put our heads together and decided to list our Top 5 Salsa Videos! Now in between your salsa classes you can get inspiration from dancers from all over the world. #5: Terry, come give salsa classes in Medellin. France is home to a vibrant […]

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