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Night on the Town

Want to go out dancing with local pro dancers? We know it can be hard to find fun, dance fluent people to go out dancing with, let alone knowing which nights and where to dance in Medellin. Thats why we have answered the calls and made this an official new service! In our new offering, […]

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Best places to dance in Medellin, 2018

Are you trying to find the best places to dance in Medellin? We got you covered! We’ve put together an up-to-date list of the best places to dance in Medellin, Tuesday through Saturday. To make this list, we considered which places have the best: 1: Music 2: Dancers  3: Social Experience 4: Space/Dance Floor 5: Overall […]

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What’s next for our community?

It’s been nearly 5 months since the community started (first Facebook page created on 15-July-2017!) so time to get our vision on paper – or at least the digital equivalent. This short blog post summarizes our 3-steps plan for greatness. As of today 10-Dec-2017, the project is decidedly entering Phase 2! #1: Let’s find students! […]

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Top 10 Salsa Songs

We love sharing our salsero culture. And it starts with the music. The music makes us feel alive, happy, free, and at home all at the same time. We came together as a community to put together our Top 10 Salsa Songs for you to feel the joy of latin flavor. (We know there are […]

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Top 5 reasons to date a female dancer

I contoured my body close to his…   Feeling how his strong hands touched my back. He handled the rhythm almost perfectly. I felt like a queen being guided by his security. My figure fit between his legs, my body was spinning and moving back and forth at his will. We united our eyes and […]

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