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Night on the Town

Want to go out dancing with local pro dancers? We know it can be hard to find fun, dance fluent people to go out dancing with, let alone knowing which nights and where to dance in Medellin. Thats why we have answered the calls and made this an official new service! In our new offering, […]

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Best places to dance in Medellin, 2018

Are you trying to find the best places to dance in Medellin? We got you covered! We’ve put together an up-to-date list of the best places to dance in Medellin, Tuesday through Saturday. To make this list, we considered which places have the best: 1: Music 2: Dancers  3: Social Experience 4: Space/Dance Floor 5: Overall […]

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Top 5 Bachata Dance Videos

Yes we know. Our name is Salsa Classes Medellin. And yet, we also love to dance bachata! Time for a name change to Bachata Classes Medellin?…nahh!  As Juliet once said (well, Shakespeare really), whats in a name anyway? The truth is we love all latin dance, and bachata is very much included!  Dancing bachata in Medellin […]

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Top 5 Salsa Dance Videos

Dancing salsa rocks. Obviously. Thats why we at Salsa Classes Medellin put our heads together and decided to list our Top 5 Salsa Videos! Now in between your salsa classes you can get inspiration from dancers from all over the world. #5: Terry, come give salsa classes in Medellin. France is home to a vibrant […]

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