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Colombian Salsa, ¡Por Favor!

Salsa is one the first things that come to mind when you think of Latin America. It originated in the tropical coasts of the Caribbean, Cuba has one of the most known salsa styles and Colombia is proudly home to the city of Cali, the world’s salsa capital. Salsa in Colombia is a big thing, […]

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Tin Tin Deo: Cali’s classic salsa bar

As you climb the stairs, bathed in blue and pink neon, to Cali’s historic bar, Tin Tin Deo — you immediately get why this spot is famed as the city’s classic salsa joint. Presided over by retro posters and the soft glow of red lanterns, the bar has become a symbol of Cali salsa culture. For 30 […]

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Salsa Cali style: What’s it all about?

When night falls over Cali, Colombia the city lights up with salsa — a palpable electric current that animates and unifies this twinkling city nestled in the jungle. More than deserving of its title as the global salsa capital, the city lives, breathes, and dances salsa like nowhere else on earth — to its own […]

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Like a Gym Membership, Only for Dance Training! At Salsa Classes Medellin we pride ourselves in providing the best dance training you can find in the easiest way possible. We noticed recently that many of our students are residents or long term visitors in Medellin and Cali, and of course form an important core part […]

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Salsa Bootcamp

“I’ve always dreamed of dancing like that” Well, now’s your chance. Come to Colombia, the world capital of salsa, for an intensive salsa bootcamp with Colombia’s best dancers and instructors. Contact us here if you are ready to book your trip and we’ll be in touch! Or read on to learn more… Level-up your dancing in […]

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Why Travelers are Flocking to Colombia for Salsa

Colombia consistently ranks as a top destination for 2018. After last year’s historic peace deal ending an over 50 year old civil war between the Colombian government and leftist guerrilla group the FARC, foreigners are finally able to safely access this beautiful land, and its rich, diverse culture. Tourism has been exploding here over the past […]

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