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Salsa Bootcamp

“I’ve always dreamed of dancing like that”

Well, now’s your chance.

Come to Colombia, the world capital of salsa, for an intensive salsa bootcamp with Colombia’s best dancers and instructors.

Contact us here if you are ready to book your trip and we’ll be in touch! Or read on to learn more…

Level-up your dancing in just 2 weeks

Salsa Classes Medellin is the largest and only community of professional dancers in Colombia, with over 50 professional dancers and instructors in our community. We are lovers of latin dance and latin music who learn, share, and dance together.

Our salsa bootcamps are designed to give you an opportunity to unplug from the world and fully focus on becoming a fluent social dancer through private instruction with national and world champion dancers.

We offer a fully curated experience…

…with a personalized dance plan, private instructors and dance studios, private accommodations, local experts, and a community of local dancers to show you an unforgettable time.

You can come by yourself, with a dancer partner, or with a group. Come for as long as you want. All levels welcomed, from beginner to professional).

Our bootcamps are in the beautiful Colombian cities of Medellin and Cali  (Cartagena coming soon!).


Colombia Salsa Bootcamp: Trip Highlights

Train hard and relax in a beautiful South American country.

The Colombia Salsa Bootcamp is an intensives salsa dance training program, open to men and women, individuals/couple/group of all ages at any level of dancing. What you can achieve depends on how long you stay, but even short term guests benefit from the intensive training and personal attention from expert salsa instructors.

Sample day:

8am. Wake up to the beautiful sunrise in Medellin and have fresh passion fruit juice, arepas, and a tinto (our famous coffee).

10am. Have your first class with Sergio, Colombian champion salsa dancer from your apartment, focusing on new salsa moves

1pm. Grab a delicious lunch at our favorite vegetarian restaurant, Verdeo. Then take a walk around the beautiful parque presidenta, read a chapter in the Gabriel Garcia Marquez book you just picked up

2pm. Second salsa class of the day, this time with Marcela, another champion salsa dancer this time focusing on body work and styling.

9pm Meet up with the Salsa Classes Medellin crew for dinner and then a night of dancing at the local hotspots like Tibiri and Son Havana.

Learn more about why people are coming to dance salsa in Colombia!

Who is this for?

“I always wanted to, but…”

You’ve always thought salsa was cool, and would love to learn it so you can enjoy dancing it in salsa bars and clubs. But you don’t have the time, patience, or money to spend a year learning piecemeal yet another hobby. Your bi weekly local group classes just doesn’t cut it. You want to deep dive in a short intensive time period so you can come out as a fluent social dancer, hitting the dance floor with confidence.

We got you covered! In just 2 weeks of full time training with us, you will go home with the fundamentals of salsa dancing, from musicality to the foundational moves, as well as the excitement and confidence to go dance anywhere with anyone. We customize the dance plan to your level and needs, nothing cookie cutter about our salsa bootcamps. Don’t be surprised that you get hooked and want to spend 4 weeks or more with us :).

“I love dancing salsa, and want more…”

You consider yourself a high beginner or intermediate dance, and already go social dancing. But you find yourself wanting more. More learning. More sabor (flavor). More energy.  Not because you want to compete. More because you just love it and want to express yourself and enjoy more the dance and the music. You want to level-up your dancing.

We got you covered!  Come down and learn with the best dancers in Colombia. Whether you dance (or want to learn) on-1, on-2, rueda, caleña, or afrocuban styles, our community of over 50 dancers will customize a private dance training plan specifically to your needs. Leave feeling a new enthusiasm for dancing with more confidence, new moves, new styling, and a fresh perspective on salsa being about joy and sabor (flavor). 

“I’m a salsa semipro or pro, and want to compete at the highest level…”

You are on a dance team, or compete as an individual/couple, and want to levelup your dancing to perform on the highest level. Body work, styling, shines, partner work — you want to get into all of the detailed work of dancing with the best dancers in the world.

We got you covered! Our dancers have won over 100 titles collectively, including former and reigning world champion salsa dancers. Come for anywhere from 1-4 weeks (or more!) to train hard and excel with champions who know what it takes to compete and win.  Leave with the new skills, attitude, confidence, and concrete plan necessary to excel as competitive dancer.


At the Colombia Salsa Bootcamp, relaxation is just as important as training hard.

Which is why we partner with the best AirBnB options in Medellin, Cali, (and Cartagena) to make sure you are pampered while you are not dancing. Expect a private, bright, airy, spacious, fully furnished apartment with a kitchen, TV, high speed WIFI internet, a balcony and view all in the best part of town.  The best restaurants, clubs, cafes are all a stone’s throw away, as well as local shops and services for whatever you need: supermarkets, doctors, tailors, pharmacies, dry cleaners, etc.

Price estimates

Our prices are customized just like your trip is! They will vary based on how many hours of instruction, whether you come by yourself, with a partner, or with a group, time of year, level of accommodation, and more. Here are some numbers for you to get a rough idea.

1 Week: $850 USD

2 Weeks $1490 USD

3 Weeks $2250 USD

4 Weeks $2950 USD

** Extra fees if you want Spanish Classes too, and if you want your bootcamp in two or more cities (eg Medellin and Cali)

What’s included

  • Airport pickup and dropoff
  • Private one-on-one dance instructor (anywhere from 5-20 hours per week)
  • Private apartment in best part of town
  • High speed WIFI internet
  • 24/7 Support for you salsa classes
  • Concierge for local activities, spanish classes, and day-to-day support
  • Private WhatsApp group to connect with other dancers while you are in town

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • VISA (you are automatically granted one — no need to apply ahead of time if coming from USA or EU)
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Optional Trips
  • Extra classes
  • Extra: Spanish classes

Salsa Bootcamp FAQs

Q: I have never danced salsa before, is this going to be over my head?

A: Absolutely not! We have had many people come to dance for their first time and come out of their experience with the fundamentals and feeling for dancing salsa.  Our instructors are patient and experienced teaching beginners as well as competitive dancers alike, and will make you feel part of the community as well as help you go from zero to a social dancer in no time.

Q: Is this trip just for new dancers? I consider myself an intermediate or advanced dancer?

A: No! Our bootcamps are for all levels. With over 50 instructors, including several World Champions, we are able to provide private instruction personalized to your level and needs.

Q: I hear in Colombia you only dance Colombian style (caleña). I want to dance on-1, on-2 (or something else). Is this trip for me?

A: Our community of dancers dance everything from On-1, On-2, to salsa casino and caleño.  Not to mention bachata, kizomba, tango, and several other dance.  Amongst our over 50 instructors are World Champions of salsa on-1 like Jessica and Sergio, as well expert dancers and instructors of on-2 and salsa casino. See our dancers for more on them.

Q: I don’t know what style of dance I want or what I want to work on while I’m there. Is that a problem?

A: Of course not! Upon signing up for a retreat, we will get in touch to work out exactly where you are at, what you know, what you don’t know, and customize a dance plan accordingly.

Q: How many hours a day will we be training? Will I have time for other things, play, work, etc?

A: This is completely up to you, but of course the more you train the more you will learn. We recommend 3 hours a day, even 4 hours a day training for those staying for 2 weeks or less for you to maximize your learning. And even then, you still have plenty of leisure time to experience the best of Colombia. We provide you with a concierge to help you find the best that Medellin (Cali and Cartagena) has to offer, whether its day spas, yoga classes, spanish classes, day hikes in nature, or romantic pueblos to visit.

Q: Is it safe there? I’ve heard of Pablo Escobar and narcos.

A:  After last year’s historic peace deal ending an over 50 year old civil war between the Colombian government and leftist guerrilla group the FARC, foreigners are finally able to safely access this beautiful land, and its rich, diverse culture. Tourism has been exploding here over the past three years, growing 13% per year, and continues to rise along with foreign investment in real estate and industry.

As we like to say to visitors, “The only danger in coming to Colombia is that you just might stay.”  

Pablo Escobar died 25 years ago :).

Q: How much does food and drink cost?  And local transport? In general?

A: If you eat like the locals do, a delicious typical lunch will cost $3-4 USD anywhere in town. Double that if you want something fancier and international.  The cost of living is 1/5 – 1/20 of what it is the US for reference.   Uber (no Lyft) works in town, and will be between $3-4 USD for cross town trips should you even need to take them since both your classes accommodation and social life will be located all within walking distance.

Q: Is this salsa bootcamp in Medellin, Cali, or Cartagena?

A: For now its in Medellin and/or Cali. You can stay in one city or go between both (for an extra fee).

Q: How do I take out money?

A: There are ATM machines everywhere and accept bank cards tied with VISA, Mastercard, and more.

Q: Can I Airbnb my home in America/Europe and net positive in my accomodation, learn to dance salsa, have a blast, and still have time to work remotely, relax, or enjoy local tourism if I want?

A: YES!!

Ready to book your trip?

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