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Spanish Classes Medellin

We know a lot of our dance students who come to Medellin have two main goals here: learn salsa, and learn Spanish. Though just like it used to be hard to find quality independent dance instructors (until Salsa Classes Medellin!), its been equally hard to know where to find quality and affordable independent Spanish instructors…until now.

With the help of our dance students, we decided to bring together the best independent instructors of Spanish in Medellin. Our goal is to help visitors and expats in Medellin get the highest quality private Spanish instruction at an affordable price, while enabling Spanish teachers to earn a fair wage for their work and work independently — just like what we do with dance!  If you are interested in connecting with a Spanish teacher in Medellin, we’ve got you covered!

Why Spanish Classes in Medellin?

The Spanish spoken in Colombia is as neutral as it gets.  Colombian Spanish is a breeze to understand and speak compared with the slang-filled dialects of Chile, Argentina and further north in Mexico and Guatemala. Not to mention Spanish spoken in Medellin has a musicality to it that just sounds nice.

With our community of Spanish instructors, you are getting the cream of the crop in Spanish instruction, all having been pre-selected their peers and former/current students to make sure only instructors with high marks on teaching ability, personality, and professionalism are part of our community.

Our Spanish instructors meet you for one-on-one private lessons from local cafes and co-working spaces. And our pricing is best in town since we avoid the costs of running a Spanish school. Everyone wins!

Ready to find your independent Spanish teacher?

Message us on Facebook to learn more and if ready, book your Spanish classes in Medellin.

Its easy. Buy a pack of hours, use them up, and then buy more if you want more. The more hours you buy up front, the cheaper the price is.  Packs come in increments of 5 hours, ie, 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, and so on.


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