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Top 5 Bachata Dance Videos

Yes we know.

Our name is Salsa Classes Medellin. And yet, we also love to dance bachata! Time for a name change to Bachata Classes Medellin?…nahh!  As Juliet once said (well, Shakespeare really), whats in a name anyway?

The truth is we love all latin dance, and bachata is very much included!  Dancing bachata in Medellin goes hand-in-hand with salsa, and is full of sensuality and sabor (flavor).  So we decided to followup from our last post on our Top 5 Salsa Dance Videos and share with you our Top 5 Bachata Dance Videos for you to get inspiration from.

#5: D & D…not Dungeons and Dragons!

Getting things kicked off at #5, D & D, Daniel & Desiree, show how to truly dance bachata to the music. Dancing out of sync with the music is like high fiving someone and missing — excitement about a shared moment turns to disappointment in an instant.  This video reminds us to feel the music, feel the connection with our partner, be in the moment, and let ourselves flowwww.

#4: All the kids are doing it

We have no idea how that little guy got on stage, but what luck to dance with two of the top bachata dancers in the world at such a young age!  Ataca and Alemana are superb at traditional, dominican style footwork while maintaining their suave.  So go get your red shoes, click your heels three times, and perhaps you can land where that little guy did to learn bachata with the stars…or, you can just watch this video on repeat like we do 😉

#3:  Watch second 0:58. Epa!

Bachata has a place for all styles of dancing and expression. Some sensual, some deep, some playful, some light.   Alex and Desiree show us a mix of play and flirtation in this super fun video at South Florida’s Bachata Freaks Affair.  We love our bachata freaks 😛

#2:  Love us again, D & D!

What more can we say about Daniel & Desiree?  They combine deep musicality, sexiness, flow, and an incredible partner chemistry in creating beauty. Bachatart (you read it here first, folks!).  Here they are again at #2 on our list with their rendition of “Love Me Again” at Madrid Salsa Festival. Share the love D & D!

#1: Dominican Republic of Bachata

The Dominican Republic = The Birthplace of Bachata. We love the energy and fun of the dominican style bachata. Sometimes you just want to quit the sensual sexy stuff and just let loose :). Who better to embody that then DR’s own Yeri & Yocasti at the Dominican Republic 6th Bachata Festival. Epa!

Bachata Classes Medellin, ehem, Salsa Classes Medellin 😉

(Come learn bachata in Medellin with us here!)

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