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What’s next for our community?

It’s been nearly 5 months since the community started (first Facebook page created on 15-July-2017!) so time to get our vision on paper – or at least the digital equivalent. This short blog post summarizes our 3-steps plan for greatness. As of today 10-Dec-2017, the project is decidedly entering Phase 2!

#1: Let’s find students!

The initial idea was simply to promote independent salsa instructors to foreign students and support the local dance community. Students were manually matched with a suitable instructor.

#2: More cities, more instructors, more organized

The project expands to new cities to let our students dance throughout Colombia. The matching student-instructor is done semi-automatically via an automated Facebook bot and a small team of brave organizers shares all the classes to the instructors via Whatsapp groups

#3: Time for software

The vision is to build a software product that enables all independents teachers (dancers, musicians, painters, language etc.) to connect with students and organize classes in the most efficient way possible.

Continuing with the example of dancing:
> On the student side, the admin team should be strong enough to provide 24/7 live support and allow students to start a first class within a maximum of one hour
> On the instructor the platform should be sufficiently advanced to let an instructor simply accept (in a matter of clicks) a set of consecutive classes in a pre-booked nearby dance studio.



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