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How to Dance Salsa: The Spins

How to dance Salsa? Spinning! Definitely, spins can get quite a bit a tricky when we’re learning how to dance salsa. We spend so much of our time on the dance floor turning, it’s well worth getting our technique on lock-down — so we’re not wobbling through turns like off-balance baby guerillas. If you’re looking to […]

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Tin Tin Deo: classic Salsa Bar in Cali

As you climb the stairs, bathed in blue and pink neon, to the historic salsa bar in Cali, Tin Tin Deo — you immediately get why this spot is famed as the city’s classic salsa joint. Presided over by retro posters and the soft glow of red lanterns, the bar has become a symbol of Cali salsa […]

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