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Salsa clubs in Cali Colombia

Best Salsa Clubs in Cali

Are you trying to find the best salsa clubs in Cali?

We got you covered! We’ve put together an up-to-date list of the best salsa clubs in Cali for all 7 days of the week. Cali isn’t called the World Capital of Salsa for nothing ;).  To make the list, we considered which salsa bars have the best: 1: Music 2: Dancers  3: Social Experience 4: Space/Dance Floor 5: Overall Friendly Vibe …enjoy!

Mondays at Topa Tolondra

Socializing at Topa Tolondra

Topa Tolondra is a mainstay in the Cali salsa scene. Particularly frequented by travelers and backpackers staying in the San Antonio neighborhood, here you’ll find a friendly environment of social dancers of all levels. When there is live music, this place gets hot. Don’t worry, locals dance here too :). Get here early for the group salsa class!

When:  Group salsa class 7-9pm. Social dancing 9pm-1am

Cost:  5mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Cl. 5 #13 – 27 (San Antonio)

Tuesdays at Mazao

Women Dancing

Even though its the middle of the week, Tuesday’s at Mazao is party time, particularly for you bachata lovers out there who will enjoy the 7pm group bachata class. Fear not salsa lovers, Tuesday’s plays all types of music, including our home grown Salsa choke.

When:  Group bachata class 7-9pm. Social dancing 9pm – 1am

Cost: 8mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Cra. 34 #3-125 Segundo piso – Parque del perro

Wednesdays at Living

liviing salsa club in cali

If you are looking for a late night salsa club in Cali, look no further than Living Nightclub. Located a 30 minute cab ride outside of Cali, Living has big, nice dance floor for you to do those big moves you been practicing. While you don’t need a table to go dance, just remember that if you do get a table you’ll need to purchase minimum one bottle of liquor at marked up prices.  (Or if you are if you don’t feel like making the trip, go to Topa Tolondra, as Wednesdays there are also great.)

When: 9:30pm – 6am

Cost: 5mil

Social Dancing:  Yes!

Address: Cra. 40 #11-81 (Arroyo Hondo)

Contact for table reservations: +57 321 7252670 (WhatsApp)

Thursdays at Tin Tin Deo

Locals dancing

Tin Tin Deo is another of the signature salsa clubs in Cali, with locals and foreigners alike converging to shake a leg, Cali style. Salsa music all night long. Friendly place, you can dance with anyone here. Thursday is the night.

When: 10pm – 1am

Cost: 15mil (comes with 3 drinks)

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Calle 5 # 38-71

Fridays at Malamaña


Here you’ll find some of the best salsa music in town, including roots salsa music like guanguanco, New York City variations like boogaloo, and more. Located in the center of Cali, Malamaña is an up and coming new(ish) salsa bar that is worth checking out, especially on Friday nights.

When: 10pm – 1am

Cost:  6mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Cra. 4 #9-49 (Centro)

Saturdays at Donde Fabio

Donde Fabio

One of the classic salsa clubs in Cali, Donde Fabio is a place to dance to all sorts of salsa music, with the best Cali has to offer from local DJs and live bands. With a recent remodeling, this joint just got swanky! Experiencing what salsa in Cali is all about means dancing at Donde Fabio on a Saturday night.

When: 10pm – 1am

Cost:  10mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Calle 20 # 3-14 B (San Nicolás)

Sundays at El Mulato Cabaret

El Mulato Cabaret

Combining social dancing with a live salsa style cabaret show, El Mulato Cabaret brings a unique offering to your weekly salsa circuit. Cali is known for having spectacular salsa shows, that bring a theatrical flair to the dance.  A must if you are in town. DRESS CODE: Make sure that you wear nice shoes or you will gain entry!

When: 4pm – 8pm

Cost:  10mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Cra 32 # 7-43 B (El Cedro) 

And the first Sunday of every month, be sure to check out Salsa Pura’s monthly social “Sabaki Night.” Class 6:30-7:30pm, show 8:30-9pm, and social dancing until 11pm, including salsa, bachata, and kizomba with very high quality dancing. 10mil cover including drink!  Calle 4 numero 6-61 (San Antonio).

Have fun!


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  1. Miss Lis     November 20, 2018 4:50

    Thanks so much for this post! We are salsa dancers and arrived last night on Monday in Cali and went to La Topa. I was looking around to go dance bachata tonight and your post has listed for it!! Lots of clubs open on Thursday but now we can go dance tonight and Wednesday to Living!

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