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Image of a couple dancing happily at el social salsa club in medellin

Best Salsa Clubs in Medellin

Are you trying to find the best Salsa Clubs in Medellin?

We got you covered! We’ve put together an up-to-date list of the best salsa clubs in Medellin, Tuesday through Saturday. To make this list, we considered which places have the best: 1: Music 2: Dancers  3: Social Experience 4: Space/Dance Floor 5: Overall Friendly Vibe …enjoy!

Tuesdays at Eslabon Prendido

Image of social dancing on tuesdays at eslabon prendido one the best salsa clubs in medellin

Eslabon Prendido continually delivers with live salsa band starting at 10:30PM every Tuesday night that brings a high energy vibe if you want to let loose. Only salsa here folks :). Get there early if you want to secure a small table for you and your people — this is a small place that fills up quickly. You’ll mainly find Colombian style salsa here, though of course dancers from all styles will come through.

When: 10pm – 1am

Cost: 10mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Cl. 53 #42-55 (Centro)

Wednesdays at Tibiri

image of social dancing on Wednesdays at tibiri tabara one the best salsa clubs in medellin

Tibiri has the best salsa music in town, and is a local institution.. No bachata. No kizomba. Just pure ole’ glorious salsa.  Come here after 10pm and get ready to sweat. It gets hot down there!  (literally and figuratively!).   Also be aware that the people who dance at Tibiri generally dance Colombian style salsa.

When: 10pm – 2am

Cost: Free

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Carrera 70 con Calle 44B No. 70-03 (Laureles)

Thursdays at SkyBar

Image of social dancing on Thursdays at skybar one the best salsa clubs in medellin

SkyBar in Parque Lleras is the go to place Thursday night to dance mainly Bachata and Kizomba. Very high quality of dancers come through here, and often live performances and free group classes. They play Salsa songs, but mainly its Bachata and Kizomba, and the music switches to more crossover (read: reggaeton) as the night goes on so make sure to get there earlier if you want to partner dance.

When: 8pm – 2am

Cost: Free

Social Dancing:  Yes!

Address:  Carrera 38 #8-83 (Parque Lleras)

Fridays at Social Club

Image of social dancing on Fridays at el social one the best salsa clubs in medellin

Social Club is semi outdoors venue tucked under the Aguacatala bridge, midway between Poblado and Envigado. Friday nights are hot, bringing some of the best dancers in the city for a night of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Porro, and Merengue.  All styles of Salsa are danced here: On-1, Cuban, On-2, and Colombian styles. Its hard to find — just get out at the Aguacatala bridge and walk around until you hear the music and see the lights outside!

When: 10pm – 2am

Cost: Free

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Calle 12 sur # 48-01, Local 102., (Rotonda Interna Aguacatala)

Saturdays at Son Havana

Image of a live salsa orchestra playing at Son Havan one of the best salsa clubs in Medellin

Son Havana is one of the classic salsa clubs in Medellin. Salsa music only, all night long.  Also great music, with live bands coming on after 11pm. Here you’ll also find people dancing mostly Colombian and Cuban styles, but you’ll find dancers for On-1 and On-2 Salsa as well.

When: 10pm – 3am

Cost:  10-12mil

Social Dancing: Yes!

Address: Carrera 73 No. 44-56 (Laureles)

Sundays and Mondays…

Sunday and Mondays are best to find a local bar that has salsa music and go with your partner or friends to dance.  There isn’t a great social dancing option for these days…yet :).  Of course you could take some time off from social dancing and take some classes with us!  Book with us on Facebook Messenger.

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