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About Salsa Classes Cartagena

We are a vibrant community of independent salsa instructors in Cartagena. We came together with the idea of helping newcomers thrive the city’s dance scene. In Salsa Classes Cartagena you’ll find highly qualified and passionate instructors of salsa, bachata, kizomba and more! Plus, you’ll get to save the administrative costs of going to a dance school. We offer you the opportunity to learn to dance with excellent instructors, competitive prices and the flexibility to take classes at home or at one of our associated studios in the heart of Cartagena.

Our Instructors are professionally trained dancers who compete, train and perform within dance companies and teach lessons to help advance their careers. Most of them have won competitions at national or international levels.

The Community was originally created in mid-2017 by a small group of students and instructors seeking for more flexibility and independence and who thought this project would benefit both sides. We are based in Cartagena’s historical center!

Our Students are normally expats who come to Colombia for its unique salsa environment. They all have quite varied skill levels, from very beginners to professional dancers. One thing they all have in common though is their desire to level up their salsa dancing skills.

How it works

In the video below, our instructor Lucia provides a brief introduction of the role and purpose of the community. If you would like to schedule a class with her or any of the other instructors, simply talk to us via Facebook Messenger



Salsa Classes Cartagena connects you with independent local instructors in Cartagena via Facebook Messenger. This offers several advantages compared to traditional dance schools.

  • Swift Process. Just send us a message via our Facebook page, tell us what you want in our automated menu and you’re good to go! We’ll match you with one of our instructors who will immediately contact you to set up the first class.

  • Personalized service. We handpick your instructor based on your skill level, learning aims and the gender of your preference.

  • Verified instructors. Our community is made up of highly professional instructors only. This is how we guarantee all our instructors have the perfect mix of skill, teaching experience, a vibrant personality, and professionalism.

  • Reasonably priced. Dance schools need to cover administrative costs like paying the electricity bills and the like, since we work independently everything costs less and you save the difference!

  • Support the local dance community. With us, instructors make about twice as much. We give them flexibility to teach and flexibility in their schedule to train for their many competitions. Contribute to their careers by taking classes with us!


Instructors cover all levels, from beginner to champion


We have studios all over Cartagena, you simply have to choose the closest one!

days a week

Instructors available whenever you need them, Sundays included!


The first community to help dancers and students connect online

Meet the dancers

Click on the YouTube icon to see them dancing

Salsa Cali-style & on1

Sergio is the reigning world champion of salsa on-1. He is a high energy dancer who loves to help students reach their own potential through dance

Salsa Cali-stye & Bachata

Lucia came straight from the salsa capital of the world: Cali, Colombia! She reached final stage in the Mundial of Cali in 2016

Salsa on2 & chacha

Esteban is a champion dancer. He won 1st place in the Colombia Salsa Festival 2017 as “solista”, and 2nd place in on2 and Chacha

Salsa on1 & Bachata

Yessica is a world champion salsa dancer with over 19 years of dancing and 10 years teaching both on-1 style salsa and sensual bachata.

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We’ve all been there: counting 1,2,3 … 5,6,7… Thinking of every step, wondering: “how should I ask this stunning girl/guy across the bar for a dance?” It can be intimidating, but hey, we’ve got your back!

Learning with an independent instructor in a private class gives you that friendly environment you’re looking for. Our priority is for you to feel comfortable and to trust us, we don’t want you to just learn new moves, we want you to thrive on that dancefloor. That’s what this community is for and once you’re in it you’re never out.

Taking private lessons with one of our independent instructors allows you to not only learn how to dance but also to build a personal relationship with your instructor. Don’t be surprised when they ask you to have a class at one of the trendiest bars in Cartagena, after all, we all need to go do some fieldwork!

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What the students say

  • Hannah Brown

    I have taken 50 hours of private Salsa and Bachata classes over 2 months with Salsa Classes Medellin, and I loved every second of it 🙂

    – Wei Jun from Malaysia, via Google review

  • Hannah Brown

    I have been beyond impressed. The concept is fantastic; as a student you save money and the teachers themselves make a fairer wage. The classes are absolutely private – in your own studio, with your own teacher, and with no need to change the music every five minutes!

    – Rebecca from London, via Google Review

  • Hannah Brown

    Amazing! It’s easy to set up classes, the teachers come to your neighborhood, and everyone seems to be super responsive and organized. Plus, I had a blast learning to salsa, despite my awkward, can’t-dance self!

    – Sarah from USA, via Google review

  • Hannah Brown

    I took some bachata, Cali-style salsa, and On2 salsa classes. Quality of all the instructors was very high

    – Maxime from Canada, via Google Review

Q: Which dance styles are available?

A: Nearly all of them! The Facebook bot will ask you what you want to learn - e.g salsa (colombian, cuban, on1, on2), bachata (sensual or dominican), kizomba, porro etc. You can ask to mix them up within a pack

Q: When and where do I pay?

A: There are three payments: an online reservation payment via credit card, a second payment in cash to the instructor (after the test class), and a third cash payment after half the pack is used

Q: What is the level of the instructors?

A: From semi-professionals dancers who are just starting with teaching, all the way up to actual champions having won international competitions. See this YouTube video for more, and this YouTube video to see some dancing

Q: How is the price set?

A: Based on your preferences regarding the experience of the instructor, the number of classes (packages) and the location of the class (home or studio). See this YouTube video for more!

Q: How much does the test class work?

A: After the first class, you can ask to try with a different instructor, or get a full-refund of your online reservation payment. The test class price is 30.000 pesos (+10.000 if done in a studio)

Q: How are the group classes organized?

A: Group classes are organized when 3 people show interest at the same date, time & place. The system logs preferences and automatically notifies students. See this YouTube video for more!

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