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Colombian Salsa, ¡Por Favor!

What is Colombian Salsa? Salsa is one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Latin America. It originated in the tropical coasts of the Caribbean, Cuba has one of the most known salsa styles and Colombia is proudly home to the city of Cali, the world’s salsa capital. Salsa in […]

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Salsa Cali style

When night falls over Cali, Colombia the city lights up with salsa — a palpable electric current that animates and unifies this twinkling city nestled in the jungle. More than deserving of its title as the global salsa capital, the city lives, breathes, and dances salsa like nowhere else on earth — to its own […]

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Top 5 Bachata Dance Videos

Yes we know. Our name is Salsa Classes Medellin. And yet, we also love to dance bachata! Time for a name change to Bachata Classes in Medellin?…nahh!  As Juliet once said (well, Shakespeare really), whats in a name anyway? The truth is we love all latin dance, and bachata is very much included!  Dancing bachata in […]

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Top 5 Salsa Dance Videos

Dancing salsa rocks. Obviously. Thats why we at Salsa Classes Medellin put our heads together and decided to list our Top 5 Salsa Videos! Now in between your salsa classes you can get inspiration from dancers from all over the world and brig it to the dance scene of salsa in Medellin. #5: Terry, come […]

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