A dance pack allows you to buy a certain amount of hours, use them at will, and then buy more later. The more hours you buy, the cheaper the price gets! Our Packs are desigend for visitors who are in town for a short period of time, but yet want to make the most out of their stay. You can learn with top-class private instructors at your own pace, reach your dance goals and enjoy your time in Colombia. 

If you’re staying in Colombia for 3 months or more and want to commit to learning salsa, getting a membership is definitely the way to go! You will get regular classes with top-class instructors, learn multiple dance styles, take your lessons in all our cities of operation, partake in our amazing student community and most importantly, save some money! We have carefully designed 4 types of memberships that will accomodate your dance needs, schedule and learning goals.

A Salsa Holiday offers you the possibility to experience salsa dance by completely immersing in it. You can either go for an Intensive Bootcamp or you can or join one of our Group Retreats that happen a few times per year. You can come by yourself, with a dance partner or a small group. We’ll assist you with accommodation, airport pickup, providing a local guide and organizing events.

Whether you’re staying in Colombia for only a couple of days or the rest of your life, getting a dancer to go with you on a night out will be a great experience. This is how it works: One of our instructors goes to your place early at night, you’ll have a short warm up class and then you will head out to the trendiest salsa clubs in the city! You’ll have a personal dance instructor who will show you great moves and guide you throughout a night of social dancing. Can it get any better than that?