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Top 5 Reasons for Dating a Salsa Dancer

I contoured my body close to his…


Feeling how his strong hands touched my back. He handled the rhythm almost perfectly. I felt like a queen being guided by his security. My figure fit between his legs, my body was spinning and moving back and forth at his will. We united our eyes and laughed together, while our closeness increased. I felt the sweat of his back making my shirt wet, my mind in a static state, thinking only of being a good submissive who followed his gentlest proposals for movement.

Around us, other people made love to the rhythm of the most erotic and sensual bachata…different bodies, garments, statures, nationalities, dreams and passions danced. It was a magical place, made to commit a crime without resisting, the temple of love made of dance. We had one more minute to enjoy our magic. We finished the song in the best way, appreciating having danced. And without even knowing our names, we separated. A normal scene for a night out dancing in Colombia.

I crossed the dance floor with a smile from ear to ear, my heart beating fast, my body sweating, I soon saw the look of my partner, painted with the color of jealousy. Although he met me through dancing, he now felt I was his and had something to say to me. I approached and asked:

-“What’s up?”
-“I saw how you danced, and I couldn’t help feeling jealous.”

I kissed him, hugged him and told him I was his alone even though I enjoyed dancing with others. Dance is my passion and for me it means the opportunity to feel many bodies and ways of being with absolute surrender, without ego, without expectations, only receiving the surprise and gratitude of finding each other. To give him peace of mind, I shared five reasons why for dating a salsa dancer or dance lover. And today I’m deciding to share it with you so that you understand that there is more in favor, than against:


1: Lower risk of infidelity


couple kissing in front of a mountain. Dancing in Colombia

The woman who dances has the possibility of expressing her eroticism with different people and being so close to them without having to want to reach the second step. I remember once an acquaintance of my partner saw me dance; he asked me if my boyfriend knew that I was dancing like that. I explained the meaning of dance to me and he said: “if I did that, I would have sex with all those women.” Well, in this case, a female dancer has the luxury of getting close and then leaving at the end of the song.

That is what dating a salsa dancer is like. So, because there are less censorship and inhibition, there is less risk of infidelity. Because the forbidden and hidden generate desire. In contrast, women who dance can express and feel the diversity of other bodies without wanting more, which decreases fantasy and desire, and therefore, infidelity.

2: No to jealousy


Chilling on the beach

If you’re dating a salsa dancer, you should know that she understands this as a way of life. She is not going to have a jealousy attack to see you enjoy the rhythm of a song with a girl. On the contrary, she will allow you to enjoy. She will recognize the intention of having fun rather than hunting or flirting. She will celebrate your movements, including, make you dance with the most beautiful women because the mere fact of seeing you dancing for her is art.

3: Confidence in herself

Woman in nature

Leaving the dance floor, celebrating mistakes and improving each step is something that requires dedication and determination. The woman who dances is like an artist and is passionate about life. Therefore, when interacting with so many people she unconsciously trains her self-love and security. Dating a salsa dancer, more ofthen than not means you’re dating a sensual and confident woman.

4: Fun

woman smiling dancing in Colombia

Dating a salsa dancer means dating a woman who smiles, shakes her body, relieves daily stress and produces high levels of oxytocin ”the happiness hormone”. This is why she has less risk of stress, bitterness or fits of hysteria. On the contrary, dancing for her is a therapy that keeps her balanced and willing to live life with love. Beware of women who do not move their body and stay static. The woman who dances will always make you have fun. In fact, if dancing is not your thing, what a proof of love and humility by having your drink while seeing her do her thing. We love to be observed.

5: The best sex

couple on the bed

Fluid movements, the ability to listen to your needs, excellent communication to say what she likes or what you can improve… A woman who dances loves movement and therefore will accompany you in the work, not do everything that you do. She is proactive, active, daring, creative, romantic and versatile. For her, dancing is like making love, and making love, is her ritual to heaven. Therefore, she will make love with passion, dedication, being honest and expressing her feelings. Get ready for long days of enjoyment under the sheets.

When explaining my reasons to my beloved, he understood, gave me a hug, and together we went to the dance floor. It only took him three minutes of the song to mark his territory, leaving me clear about his role in my life, and then releasing me to let me fly together with other bodies.

-Diana Nuñez

Woman smelling flower

(This is a guest post by Diana Nuñez, Founder of Sexurero and Codigo Erotico. She is an expert in tantra and somatic sexuality, therapist and educator, a lover of dance devoted to dancing in Colombia. She is based in Medellin, Colombia.)


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