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Image of two people learning how to dance salsa during a salsa class in colombia

How to Dance Salsa: The Spins

How to dance Salsa? Spinning!

Definitely, spins can get quite a bit a tricky when we’re learning how to dance salsa. We spend so much of our time on the dance floor turning, it’s well worth getting our technique on lock-down — so we’re not wobbling through turns like off-balance baby guerillas. If you’re looking to up your turn game and keep up with Salsa dance in Colombia, you’re in luck! We’ve put together 5 essential tips, taught at our salsa dance Bootcamp, to get you gliding through turns.

gif of a baby gorilla sipinning of himself


1. Lean in 

First things first, while learning how to dance salsa whit spins and all, you’ll need to make sure your weight is shifted towards the front half of your foot. If your weight is too far back towards your heel, chances are you’ll teeter, big time. No need to be waaay up on your tippy toes. Just make sure you’re leaning forward ever so slightly, with the weight in the ball of your foot.

And there’s more: as you step through your turn, make sure you are transferring your weight entirely into the foot you are stepping forward with. Picture a dreidel – it spins on a single point (not two points). Your turn will be much smoother if you make sure that your weight is concentrated in one foot at a time. 


2. Crank up the tension  

gif of a black man imitating the movements of the blow-up puppet on his side. When you turn, you need your body to move as a single unit — not as a loose jumble of parts. Your abs and legs should feel more like a wooden plank, and less like an inflatable doll. 

When teaching how to dance salsa, we work with our students on firming up their cores and lower bodies to help with their turn technique. It can help to squeeze your booty a little bit, and think of your entire body, from the ribs down, as locked into place.


3. Laser-gaze at a fixed point

puppy spinning of a chair while always looking at the food on the table beside himWhen it comes to balance — in anything from yoga to karate to salsa — gaze matters almost as much as footwork. Focusing your gaze on a fixed point as you turn (a technique called “spotting”), will keep you from getting dizzy and help you turn with greater control. It can help if you focus on a specific object off in the direction you are turning — i.e. a wall clock, a cool poster, or a nearby plate of mac and cheese.


4. Close yo’ legs

gif of a doggo spinning on three of his legs, just like you should do when you salsa dance in ColombiaIt’s a common mistake we see at our salsa dance classes all the time — turning with too much space between your legs, kinda like this… 

It looks clumsy, and scatters the distribution of your body weight. When your legs are close together, it makes it easier for you to concentrate your body weight into a single point (like the dreidel). Imagine that you are turning with a book between your thighs, and you can’t let it fall.


5. Turn yourself (ain’t no one to do it for you)

When you’re watching a couple dance, it might appear that the leader is providing all the power and momentum behind the turns. This is an illusion! Leaders, there’s no need to fling your partner through a turn with exaggerated force. Followers should turn themselves, for the most part. As a leader, all you need to provide is a gentle impulse so the follower knows to turn.

Followers: try not to hang too much on your leader’s hand, expecting them to provide the power behind the turn. Practice turning on your own, so you’ll hone your ability to turn with your own force.


Level up your turns at salsa dance bootcamp

salsa dancing

We could talk about salsa turns and other specifics of how to dance salsa alllll day long. But talking will only get you so far. Get out there and groove with our pro instructors (like Jessica and Sergio, turning away in the above video) at our Colombia-based salsa dance Bootcamp. The concept is simple: level up your salsa in a vibrant Colombian city — with more one-on-one instruction, for less $$. Learn more about our salsa dance Bootcamps.




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