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Who is Jessica?

Jessica is a professional Latin Dance Instructor. Currently, the current World Champion of Salsa On-1 and is also a gifted teacher in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Porro and Tango. She has over 19 years of experience dancing and 10 years of experience teaching. As a Latin Dance Instructor, Jessica knows what it takes to become a fluent dancer, whether for socials or competition. Her teaching style intertwines musicality and rhythm with technique to help students become well-rounded, fluent dancers.


  • Runner-up, Department of Porro 2006,
  • Runner-up, Department of Porro 2007,
  • National Champion of Porro Copa Potosí 2007,
  • Runner-up World Salsa Federation 2008
  • Porro National Champion Copa Potosí 2008,
  • National Champion of Porro Copa Potosí 2009,
  • National Salsa Champion El Zapato Dorado 2009
  • Salsa Open 2009 National Champion
  • 2009 Porro Departmental Champion,
  • 2010 Porro Departmental Champion,
  • World Champion of the World Salsa Federation 2010
  • Champion Salsa Metropolitan, Division On-1 2010
  • National Champion of Porro Copa Potosí 2010
  • Finalist of the 2010 Tango World Championship, 2011, 2012, 2014
  • 2012 Porro Departmental Champion
  • Finalists in the world-wide Cali-Colombia festival cabaret category
  • Runner-up in the Cali-Colombia salsa festival category on 1, 2014
  • Champion at the world salsa festival in Cali – Colombia category on 1, 2016
  • Champion world salsa open Cali- Colombia, 2017
  • Sixth place in world salsa open puertorico, 2017
  • Champion at the World Salsa Championships in Cali- Colombia Elite Salsa category, 2017

The class

In the video below, Jessica explains what she loves about teaching and shows us some of her world-class dancing with her partner Sergio (and fellow instructor with Salsa Classes Medellin). If you would like to schedule a class with her or any of the other instructors, simply talk to us via Facebook Messenger