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image of terry dancing salsa. Inspiration for salsa in medellin

Top 5 Salsa Dance Videos

Dancing salsa rocks.

Obviously. Thats why we at Salsa Classes Medellin put our heads together and decided to list our Top 5 Salsa Videos! Now in between your salsa classes you can get inspiration from dancers from all over the world and brig it to the dance scene of salsa in Medellin.

#5: Terry, come give salsa classes in Medellin.

France is home to a vibrant latin dance scene, with some of the top salsa, bachata, and kizomba dancers in Europe calling Paris home. We LOVE the smooth moves of Terry & Amely — they make dancing great look so effortless.  One day, they will join our community of salsa in Medellin (whether they know it yet or not, whahaha)

#4: You can dance salsa anywhere. Anytime.

Ok ok. This is a little different. We’re not saying that this group of lovely Germans is sporting the coolest dance moves around. But you know what? It’s really cool that they just spontaneously started a salsa rueda flashmob in Munich.  Why is this #4?  Because it reminds us that there is never a bad opportunity to dance with your people. Salsa Classes Medellin approves!

#3: Dancing salsa is just plain ole’ fun.

Growing up in New York City, Adolfo Indacochea learned to dance salsa with greats like Eddie Torres. Lucky guy!

This guy lives and breathes salsa.  And he clearly enjoys the hell out of it! Isn’t that what its all about anyway? We watch this video to remind ourselves that at the end of the day, dancing salsa in Medellin or anywhere else in the world, is about having fun. Period!

#2: Insta(n)bul that couple. Damn, he’s smooth.

Have you heard of Istanbul Dance Festival?  They field some of the best salsa dancers in the world, including our star from #5, Terry. Damn, he is smooth! (Terry if you are reading this, come give classes in Medellin. We offer you unlimited arepas)…

#1: Puro fuego. Bienvenido a Colombia

Yes, we’re biased. To dance salsa in Medellin + Cali Colombia is to dance full of passion and joy.  Watching this video makes us just want to stop everything and just dance!  So on that note, go put on some tunes, find a human (any human really), and go dance some salsa!

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