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where to learn salsa in colombia

Where to learn Salsa? Colombia hands down



learn salsa in Colombia

“I’ve always dreamed of dancing like that” Well, now’s your chance! If you’ve ever wondered where to learn salsa let us tell you: Colombia can offer you everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more. Colombia is a world-class destination for salsa dancing. We are proudly home to many beautiful and vibrant cities where people resonate to and live by the joyful melodies of Salsa. Just to name a few: We have Cali, the world’s Salsa Capital, Cartagena, a historical Caribbean paradise; Bogotá, the city with the biggest cultural scene in Colombia and Medellín, a city that gives you the best of two worlds: the astonishing Andes mountains and a lively city life, plus amazing coffee.

Colombia is also known for its many festivals that take place all year-round. Each festival is unique in its own way, different themes, colourful parades, mind-blowing dancing, markets, delicious food and the list goes on. In every city and festival, there will always be a place where to learn salsa. Also, you’ll get to experience our culture first hand and if you want to not only learn salsa, but also other styles, you’ll have the perfect chance to do that as well.  

where to learn salsa in colombia 2On the other hand, Colombia’s nightlife is a whole experience in itself and every single city offers you a nice twist to make the most of your nights out. There’s plenty of places where to learn salsa: there are Salsa bars, salsa clubs, salsa events, concerts, etc. everywhere. Go for some cold beer in Cartagena, colorful cocktails in Bogota, or a shot of Aguardiente in Medellín. If you don’t drink, don’t even worry, we can assure you the dancefloor will keep you well entertained.


Our team is here to help you decide where to learn salsa!

We know that planning a trip to the other side a place where to learn salsa on the other side of the world can be tricky. Sometimes even intimidating! We’re here to help. Salsa Classes Medellin is the largest and only community of professional dancers in Colombia, with over 50 professional dancers and instructors in our community. We are lovers of Latin dance and Latin music who learn, share and dance together.

We offer a fully curated experience with a personalized dance plan, private instructors and dance studios and a community of local dancers to show you an unforgettable time. You can come by yourself, with a dance partner or with a group. Come for as long as you wan. All levels welcomed, from beginner to professional. You can meet our instructors here!

More details, please! 

You must have so many questions! Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to help you make the choice of your life.

Q: I have never danced salsa before, is this going to be over my head?
A: Absolutely not! We have had many people come to dance for their first time and come out of their experience with the fundamentals and feeling for dancing salsa. In fact, Colombian salsa is one of the most approachable salsa styles out there. Check out our article on Colombian Salsa to learn more.

Q: I hear in Colombia you only dance Colombian style (caleña). I want to dance on-1, on-2 (or something else). Is this trip for me?
A: Well, Colombia has its own signature style and that is what people dance mostly, but it is by no means all Colombians can dance. There are many salsa bars where to learn salsa of any style you want. We can point you in the right direction. Our community of dancers dances everything from On-1, On-2, to salsa casino and caleño.  Not to mention bachata, Kizomba, tango, and several other dances.

Q: I don’t know what style of dance I want or what I want to work on while I’m there. Is that a problem?
A: Of course not! Upon signing up, we will get in touch to work out exactly where you are at, what you know, what you don’t know, and customize a dance plan accordingly.

Q: How many hours a day will we be training? Will I have time for other things, play, work, etc?
A: This is completely up to you, but of course the more you train the more you will learn. We recommend 3 hours a day, even 4 hours a day training for those staying for 2 weeks or less for you to maximize your learning. And even then, you still have plenty of leisure time to experience the best of Colombia; whether it’s day spas, yoga classes, Spanish classes, day hikes in nature, or romantic pueblos to visit.

That sounds great! I want to know more about cultural aspects, tho. 

Q: Is it safe there? I’ve heard of Pablo Escobar and narcos.
A: Oh boy… Well, all that happened in the 80’s so unless you’re coming down here in a time-travel machine you’ll be fine. Pablo Escobar died over two decades ago and we have recently signed a historic peace deal ending an over 50-year-old civil war between the Colombian government and leftist guerrilla group the FARC. Foreigners are finally able to safely access this beautiful land, and its rich, diverse culture. Tourism has been exploding here over the past three years, growing 13% per year, and continues to rise along with foreign investment in real estate and industry.

Violence and drug traffic are a very sad page in our history, but we are doing our absolute best to move past it. We are proud to say things are much better and we can’t wait to have you here with us! As we like to say to visitors, “The only danger in coming to Colombia is that you might want to stay.”  

PS: Between you and us… Narcos isn’t even that good.

Q: How much does food and drink cost?  And local transport? In general?
A: If you eat like the locals do, a delicious typical lunch will cost $3-4 USD anywhere in town. Double that if you want something fancier and international.  The cost of living is 1/5 – 1/20 of what it is the US for reference. Uber (no Lyft) works in town, and will be between $3-4 USD for cross-town trips should you even need to take them.

Q: How do I take out money?
A: There are ATM machines everywhere and accept bank cards tied with VISA, Mastercard, and more.

Q: Can I Airbnb my home in America/Europe and net positive in my accommodation, learn to dance salsa, have a blast and still have time to work remotely, relax, or enjoy local tourism if I want?

A: YES!!

Last but not least, Check out our instructors Sergio and Jessica just to get some inspiration

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    I’ve arrived today in Medellin and have been recommended this Salsa lesson from a girl in my hostel. She is doing 10 hours. Is it possible to do four or five hours, two Saturday afternoon and three Sunday afternoon?

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